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Holistic Healing Solutions: Empowering Wellness for Businesses

Master Post-Op Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage for Superior Client Care. Advance Your Clinic's Expertise with Luciana Andrus™️

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Bringing the learning to you. 

We’ve designed the Post Op Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage by Luciana Andrus™️ curriculum as a self-serve learning course so that you can learn the skills and techniques to provide healing and post-operative care to your clients wherever you are.

Why take the course?

Learn from the industry expert and NCBTMB Approved Continuing Education provider. 

The only course that gives you confidence in what you are doing. All material in the course are real experiences with tested and proven protocol.

Details that will make the difference in your clients lives and your business. Increase your revenue based on real results.

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What You'll Get

PDF Learning Guide to learn on your own time

Real demo videos to show the technique

Additional resources to explore more

Bonus details on setting up your business!

What You'll Learn


Overview of Lymphatic System

Learn the structure and function of the lymphatic system, locations of the lymph nodes, drainage patterns, etc.

UNIT 2-8

Technique By Each Part

Learn the lymphatic anatomy, the technique for that body part, and other best practices.

  • Face

  • Leg

  • Abdomen

  • Arm

  • Rear Leg

  • Rear Arm

  • Back


Post Surgery Considerations

Learn what to expect with post-surgery challenges and how to manage them

  • Swelling

  • Fibrosis

  • Seromas

  • Hematomas


Other Business Considerations

Learn the various business considerations like setting your price, core materials and supplies, etc.

Disclaimer: If you are going to use this course as a mean of making money you need to be certified by your state to perform these modalities.

Reach out for a free consultation phone call to learn more.

Get your questions answered with a free 15-minute chat with Luciana Andrus, the course instructor and owner of Just For You Bodywork & Massage. With years of experience in the field, Luciana will help you understand the curriculum and how it can benefit you as a plastic surgeon, nurse, physical therapist, esthetecian and massage therapist, and anyone in the medical field.



Meet Your Instructor


Luciana Andrus

Course Instructor 

Owner of Just For You Bodywork & Massage

Luciana Andrus is a renowned figure in the massage therapy community of San Francisco, California, as the owner and founder of Just For You Bodywork & Massage — voted’s Best Massage Therapists in the city. Luciana specializes in Brazilian lymphatic drainage, a treatment that detoxifies the body by targeting the lymphatic system with a focus on postoperative clients. Partnering with top surgeons, she's found a sweet spot in the medical field to accelerate healing and follow her passion.

Her passion for this modality, paired with the demand for this modality for post operative care, she's taken her years of experience and created this self-serve learning guide. Her vision is to empower others in bringing the the healing of Post Op Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage by Luciana Andrus™️ to post operative clients everywhere.

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